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Top Dog LTD
"Why Not The Best?"


To make sure each of our VIP's (Very Important Pets) experiences a pleasurable stay at Top Dog here are a few guidelines you need to know before checking in. Make reservations for your pet's visit to Top Dog as far in advance as possible. Like most busy resorts, we tend to have the largest number of guests over the summer and during holiday periods. For your pet's protection, all dogs and cats must be in good health and proof of current vaccinations is required. Our canine guests must also have a current Bordatella (Canine Cough) vaccine. If your pet requires a special diet or medication, please make sure you bring an adequate supply along with any instructions at the time of check-in. Top Dog will gladly supply your pet with a clean, warm blanket and special toys, but we know there are some pets who like to have their own belongings. If you do bring anything from home, we ask that you bag and label your items clearly. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for items that are lost or damaged. Also, at the time of check-in you will be required to fill out a copy of our check-in sheet or you can print one out by clicking on the following link, check-in, here for our Holiday check-in sheet, and here for our grooming check-in sheet. First time visitors at Top Dog will need to fill out the front and back of the sheet. Because our goal at TOP DOG LTD is to provide the very best attention to your pet’s care and needs, we are pleased to announce a new proactive ‘pet care’ program called Pet Plus. This program is designed to give our boarding clients added peace of mind while their pets are boarding with us.


Dog Accommodations
Every luxury resort features only the finest suites for their guests, and Top Dog LTD is certainly no exception. Our spacious 4' x 20' indoor/outdoor runs give your dog the best of both worlds-cool comfort inside, fresh air and sunshine outside. We also have roomy 4' x 15' indoor suites for dogs who prefer to stay inside. If you have more than one dog, we are happy to let them share a suite or board side by side (when possible). Of course, every run is sanitized daily by a high-pressure wash system to avoid unwanted germs, and fresh water is provided 24-hours a day. Top Dog also supplies a premium diet of Canidae dog food for our guests, or you are welcome to bring your own food from home. We have blankets and toys galore for your pet's enjoyment. We will also gladly take care of administering any medications you supply according to your instructions. With an overnight caretaker and a vet on call, you can rest assured your dog is in the very best of hands while you're away.

Cat Accommodations
Don't let the name Top Dog fool you. We also cater to cats with their own private room and exercise area, completely separated from the kennel. Each kitty condo is designed to accommodate your cat's special needs. There's plenty of room for your cat to relax in a sparkling clean environment. Fresh litter, Felidae cat food, and cool water are supplied every day. Our top cats have their own exercise pen complete with a climbing tree, catnip and an array of toys guaranteed to delight even the most discriminating guest. The same top-notch Top Dog treatment that applies to our canine guests, goes for the feline ones too, including the special diets, medication, and around-the-clock care from our overnight caretaker and vet on call.



Our Pool

Another one of the many things we do to make your pets stay more pleasurable.


The grand opening of our new pool on 07/01/09 with our first "Skinny Dippers" Lucy & Josie Riggs.


***All pets checked out on Sunday are charged for Sunday.***
Basic Boarding
Dog: $2
5.00 ($23.00 second dog in same run)
Cat: $1
8.00 ($17.00 second cat in same run)
Luxury Suites
Dog: $3
1.00 ($27.00 second dog in same run)
Dog: $15.00
Cat: $15.00

***New "Required" Pet Plus Program $6.00***
*** All Rates include three walks daily ***
***Holiday Rates Slightly Higher and Posted***

Basic Boarding
Dog: $2
8.00 ($26.00 second dog in same run)
Cat: $
20.00 ($19.00 second cat in same run)
Luxury Suites
Dog: $3
4.00 ($30.00 second dog in same run)


What luxury resort would be complete without recreational activities? That's why Top Dog offers supervised activities for a small fee. Your pet can enjoy one of our three large, secure exercise areas complete with one-on-one attention from one of our kennel specialists.


Extra Walks/**Bedtime walk ($3.00 for 1, $5.00 for 2, and **$6.00 for bedtime)

We automatically walk your baby 3 times a day. If you want more, you can have more. :)

**The bedtime walk is done by our overnight caretaker, before he tucks them in at night.


Playtime ($7.00 Each)

2 dogs playing

20 minutes of 1 on 1 play with an employee.


VIP Playtime ($10.00 each)

A 20 minute playtime, plus 3 extra walks.



Group Play ($11.00 each)

4 dogs

30 to 40 minutes of play with other dogs.


Big Yard Romp ($10.00 each)

Great Dane Running

Let your dog go Crazy till they are tired. No time limit of play in our biggest yard. :)


Romp with Friends (14.00 each)

Dogs playing

A romp is always better with friends. :) No time limit play, with other dogs, in our biggest yard.


Skinny Dip ($13.00 each)

dog swimming


Double Dip ($21.00 each)

2 dogs swimming

30 to 40 minutes of swimming in our full sized pool.


Group Swim ($14.00 each)

dogs swimming

20 Minutes of swimming with other dogs.


Pampered Pet ($23.00 each)

2 playtimes, 3 extra walks, plus a bedtime walk.


Yappy Hour/Ice Cream/**Tuck-in Treat ($5.00/**$6.00 each)

A kong stuffed with peanutbutter or a doggie ice cream.

**Tuck-in treats are done by our caretaker, before he tucks them in at night.


Canine Massage ($15.00 each)

A 20 minute, therapeutic massage. Jealous? ;)

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